Connecting extraordinary families and individuals to the community around them through surfing

“A few hours of surfing is not much in the scheme of things, but it is enough to change a life.” 

…Parent of a special Surfer

Here’s What We’ve Done Over The Last 7 Years

  • Over 4,000 Children and their families had great surf days and connected with the community around them.
  • 115 Wounded Veterans learned how to surf and reconnect through shared camaraderie.

We’ve done this with 100% Volunteer efforts and without ANY solicitation from the families that we serve.

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“We’re from Seaside, NJ and stayed on island during the storm, then were displaced for two months. Ed had nightmares for a while about our home being washed into the sea(did’nt happen in real life, thankfully). So, to us this event was an especially meaningful chance to build new, positive, and happy memories of our coastline and to experience such an outpouring of love and kindness from folks who care about the Ocean and our kids with special needs.”

This was Ky’s first time surfing and definitely will not be his last. I will never let Autism stop my son but unfortunately it does affect him in many situations. He has come a long way(he was diagnosed moderate to severe) and i was told he would never be able to accomplish what he just did on Thursday. Never say Never! The smile on his face was worth more that you could ever imaging to me.